Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of each Branch shall consist of the President, Vice Presidents (not to exceed three Vice Presidents) Secretary, Assistant

2. (Duties of the Executive Committee)

a. The Executive Committee shall have general control of the affairs and program of the Unit, subject to the authority of the Unit and the provisions of the Constitution and approved bylaws.

b. The Executive Committee shall render a report, containing the reports of all standing and special committees, at the regular meetings of the Unit and whenever otherwise required.

c. At its first meeting following the election, and at any time during the term of office, the Executive Committee shall approve the Unit President’s appointments of Chairpersons of the various Standing Committees as presented by the President.

d. To create special committees as needs arise.

e. To fill all vacancies in Unit offices and on the Executive Committee.

f. To decide matters of Unit policy subject to endorsement by the Unit and in accordance with national policy.

g. In the case of Branches, Executive Committees shall appoint, employ and enter into employment arrangements with employees of the Unit subject only to employment procedures and qualifications approved by the National Office.

NAACP Bylaws for Units, accessed Feb 2022.
(Please see the full bylaws. This is provided as an abridged summary, not a replacement.)

Our Executive Committee

Donna Rowland


Kenneth Bond

First Vice President

Teresa Eze

Second Vice President

Anna E. Bond, Treasurer

Anna Bond


Dennise Johnson

Assistant Treasurer

Sharon Hardin


Bryan Davis

Executive Committee At-Large

Committee Heads

This list is non-exhaustive

Donna Rowland

Donna Yvonne Rowland is a Coatesville native who literally “woke up” and joined the Coatesville Area Branch of the NAACP. The only thing I hate is racism, discrimination, and unfair treatment of people, the disadvantaged, and people who socially and culturally may not be like the “status quo.” Donna is particularly concerned about helping young people achieve their best life.

The training and experience received as a secretary for IBM in Poughkeepsie, New York, Philadelphia, church secretary for Tabernacle Baptist Church, and Brewer Memorial Baptist Church have helped tremendously as secretary of the Coatesville Area Branch. Donna believes that every pastor, church, organization, state, and local politician (if you care about the civil rights of others) should be a member and support the NAACP. Why? Because There Is Much Work To Be Done!