Prison Reform Committee

The Prison Branch Support Committee shall support the work of the Prison Branch in accordance with Article VIII, Section 6 (1-11)by (1) working closely and directly with the members of their respective Prison Branch and the Regional Prison Coordinator; (2) maintain contacts with, and report regularly to the Regional Coordinators; (3) build, cultivate and maintain positive relationships between prison officials, Prison Branch members and members within the local Branch; and (4) solicit community organizations and business to establish a volunteer bank (teachers, writers, poets, businessmen, ministers, lawyers, policemen, judges, government officials, politicians and media personnel) to assist the Prison Branch in carrying out its programs.

NAACP Bylaws for Units, accessed Feb 2022
Dr. Lut Rahim Nero, Prison Reform Chair

Dr. Lut Rahim Nero

Lut Rahim Nero is Chair of the Coatesville Area Branch of the NAACP’s Prison Reform Committee and chair of the Coatesville Area Interfaith Coalition. Lut’s activity with the NAACP includes recruitment of committee members and volunteers to address issues experienced by women of color and youth who are within the criminal justice system and prisons

He is currently working with the Juvenile detention Centers, schools, community centers and Academic Institutions in Chester County to facilitate Millennial generation activists’ and scholars’ interactions with youth in ways that remove and divert youth from the prison pipelines. His primary passion and skill is Literacy which is known to be a major aspect of the prison complex.

Lut has a Masters degree and a Doctorate in Library and Information Sciences. Including a dissertation on Information Literacy. He served as Dean of University Libraries at a local HBCU, and previously as a Prison Library Specialist serving 8,000 inmates in the New York Correctional system including Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, and Rykers Island…where he met with and provided resources for individual inmates and conducted seminars and workshops for staff.

Dr Nero’s main objective at this time is to incorporate our human and material resources into the efforts to dismantle the Cradle to Prison Pipeline we are currently living with.