William Lambert Memorial Flyer

Memorial Service In Memory of Former President William A. Lambert

William was a Golden Heritage Life member of the NAACP since 1978. He held positions of President of the Coatesville Branch and Pennsylvania State Treasurer of the NAACP and Treasurer of the local branch of the NAACP for several years. He received the MLK Community Service Award while serving as Coatesville NAACP President. He was awarded an Outstanding Service Award while serving as Treasurer. In addition, the Coatesville NAACP Youth Council awarded him
with the Pathfinder Award.
– Obituary, Baptiste Funeral Homes, Inc. West Chester PA

Mr. William (Bill) Lambert served as President of the Coatesville Area Branch of the NAACP during some of the most difficult times in our city and our nation. Much to our amazement he was able to quell some of those challenges with such ease.

Not only was Mr. Lambert our President, he also championed challenges with our state and enabled our branch to become more aware of the workings of National as well as our local branch.

With his working knowledge of both national and local he maintained and used his intellect to project forward moments of success for the Coatesville Area Branch.

Mr. Lambert, a man very devoted to the unit would continue to maintain his monthly teachings and disseminating information that provided growth for the Coatesville Area Branch.

Those practices showed others his commitment and consistency that he always modeled for other to perform at the highest level.

Mr. William Lambert will always be remembered as a man of integrity and loyalty, always willing to share his knowledge and teaching with whomever would ask.

We the members of The Coatesville Area Branch of the NAACP owe a great deal of gratitude and continued respect for such a dedicated leader in MR. BILL LAMBERT.
His name will forever be etched in the minds and hearts of this local branch.

www.debaptiste.com/obituary/william-lambert for more information about the service, and how you can support his family.