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  • Regular Adult — $30
    (Ages 21 & Older)
  • Youth — $10
    (Ages 20 & Under)
  • WIN (Women in the NAACP) — $10
    Only available to active members


  • Annual — $5,000


  • Silver Life (Payable in $75/more per year) — $750
  • Gold Life (Payable in $150+ per year) — $1500
    Only available to Silver or Regular Life Members
  • Diamond Life (Payable in installments of $250 or more) — $2,500
    Only available to Gold or Golden Heritage Life Members

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Once this form is complete, you’ll be redirected to NAACP National’s membership page to sign up. We use this form to track interest, and follow up if you have any issues when signing up!

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Register to Vote

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